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Chakra Healing Journey

WOW, this is magic! Feeling completely free to express yourself. Free from hindrances. Everything flows. Connected to a source of energy. So much more potential than you ever knew. Living your life to the fullest, in a natural flow. Feeling the connection with your blissful higher Self, for more meaning & depth in life. Fully embodying spirituality and bringing it to the here and now.
Normally you just kind of struggle through your life. Half-half but certainly not living to the fullest.
This can really be different! You will feel so much better. You will burst with joy & zest after this Chakra Journey and feel completely fulfilled. You can benefit from this course for a whole year. You will feel completely charged, full of new energy and inspiration.
This Chakra Healing Journey is unique! Yogesh Patel is a wonderful teacher, human being and our dear friend. His teachings are so honest, authentic and valuable. We love to share this with you:
Weekend workshop
23-25 June 2023
Friday 19.00-21.00: Arriving home (Root Chakra)
Saturday 13.00-17.30: Joy of life (Sacral Chakra) & Finding your inner power (Solar plexus Chakra)
Sunday 13.00-17.30: Love & connection (Heart Chakra) & Free expression (Throat Chakra), Embodied connection to divine (Crown Chakra)

Doors open 15 minutes before the start of the event.


Whole weekend: € 230 incl. BTW (€207 for members of Yoga Vidya)

Friday evening €48

Saturday €95

Sunday €95

  • We practice asanas, breathing exercises and meditations to activate, balance and cleanse the Chakras.
  • The workshop also consists of theory (Chakra psychology) for more understanding and application of proper intention in the exercises.
  • The subjects are partly interconnected. Therefore, changes to the schedule may occur.

After this Chakra Healing Journey you will feel reborn, full of new energy and inspiration for the coming time!

What participants say about Yogesh and his Chakra teachings:
´De authenticiteit van Yogesh raakt me. Ik voel dat ik helemaal mezelf mag zijn. Ik heb heel veel kennis opgedaan en de oefeningen zijn echt heel leuk en ook enorm diepgaand. Een helende reis waar ik heel dankbaar voor ben.´ - Janine Brall (Rama Shakti)

´I got a lot out of the course with Yogesh. It was more profound than I could have imagined. At the end I felt more confident than ever.' - Seriko Odagiri

´Yogesh guided the group through the experience process beyond the theory. Now I feel completely confident to work with the chakras not only in my personal practice but also how to bring them to my yoga lessons.´ - Madhavi Maria Alejandro Valero

´I love to study with Yogesh, he inspires me to laugh and take life a little lighter.´ - Angelique Boset
´Yogesh's teaching enhanced my own practice and gave me subtle insights. It felt like an adventurous exploration of my own body, chakras and existance.´ - Michael Engelaan

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About Yogesh:

Acharya Yogesh is one of the authentic gems in the world of yoga. He is associated with therapeutic aspects of different yogic practices. He is an excellent teacher of philosophy, yogic anatomy, and traditional Hatha Yoga. Yogesh has mastery over cleansing processes and pranayamic techniques.

One of the eminent specialties of Yogesh is chakra therapy/ cleansing and balancing. He has practiced Ayurveda, Chakra therapy, mudra therapy, yoga and pranic healing for over six years. On his philosophical and spiritual journey, he has studied many great seekers of the truth like Patanjali, Osho, Budhha, Gurdjeff, Lord Krishna, Aurobindo, Shankaracharya and many more. He has not only studied these philosophies but he is trying to live a life according to essence of them. Over the years, he has developed a completely scientific attitude towards spiritual practices leading to a combination of Eastern feeling and Western mind. He spends most of his time in Osho-Gurdjieff communes when he is not teaching. He combines all the knowledge he has got from various paths of spirituality.

Yogesh also has teaching experience of philosophy, yogic anatomy, hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation and various cleansing processes in different schools and individual workshops in India and Europe. Yogesh has experience teaching in more than 80 teacher training programs. He invented one of the most beneficial chakra healing courses offered in the world. His course is only offered for a limited time each year, so make sure not to miss this opportunity to learn his technique.

Acharya Yogesh is a certified YACEP provider. This Chakra Journey is accepted by the Yoga Alliance as 10 hour continuing education for Yoga teachers. On request we will provide you a certificate.

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This Chakra Healing Journey is the event for you, if you...:
  • ... want to get more out of your life and are willing to let go of old (emotional) ballast.
  • ... want to learn more about Yoga, meditation, chakras & yoga philosophy.
  • ... feel the desire to deepen your Yoga practice.

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- Do I have to be experienced to participate?
It helps if you already have some experience with Yoga or another form of spiritual practice. At least a few yoga classes with us first.

- What do I have to bring along?
Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. If you want to take notes, bring something to write with you.

- Are there breaks?
There are enough breaks for a pleasant experience of the workshop. Herbal teas and (fruit) snacks are served.

- Do I have to follow all parts?
The Chakra Healing Journey is designed as one connected workshop. The best is, if you can participate in all parts and be present as much as possible.

- Do I have to speak English well?
The Chakra Healing Journey is taught in English. it is important that you understand English well. If you do not understand something, we can translate it into Dutch. You can also ask questions in Dutch

Is your question not listed here? Send an email to and we will be happy to help you.

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